The Third Doll of the Rozen Maiden, Suiseiseki is the fourth doll to make an appearance. She has a watering can which she uses to nourish the "soul trees" of humans. She is, in a word, devious. Suiseiseki adores the spotlight, and her favorite activities include smashing the window of Jun's room (hitting Jun in the process more often than not), stealing strawberries from Hinaichigo, and cackling maniacally. She has a wild imagination and a fondness for telling wild lies to terrify Hinaichigo, whom she calls either "chibi-chibi" (tiny tiny) or "chibi-ichigo". For the most part, Suiseiseki and Jun seem incapable of being civil with each other; she refuses to call Jun by name, opting for "runt" ("chibi-ningen" which translates to "little human") instead.